The Doran Review

Some young peopleSome young people

Following the Scottish Government report "The Right help at the Right time in the Right place" in November 2012 (Doran Report), the strategic review of learning provision for children and young people with complex additional support needs continues to progress.

The Report highlighted the challenges and opportunities for the Scottish Government in taking forward its five year reform plan for specialist education. Included in these are the challenges associated with definitions, assessments of need and availability of comprehensive data and the dwindling expertise in specialist teaching across Scotland. It is recognised within the Report that there is still a place for specialist independent provision as not all children can flourish in mainstream schools.

In 2013, the Scottish Government established a Strategic Commissioning Project Board to take forward work on a joined up and strategic approach to commissioning national services that will provide better outcomes for children and young people they are designed for.  As noted above and reflected in legislation, this work emphasises that for some children and young people, their needs are better met by specialist services rather than mainstream schools and where this is the case that exception will continue to apply.

The work has now moved to next phase with the establishment of the National Commissioning Group for Education Provision for Children & Young People with complex additional support needs in October 2015 and the appointment of Margaret Orr as its Chair.

East Park continues to work closely with other grant aided and independent providers, local authorities and the Government to share knowledge, expertise and best practice. East Park works hard to further develop high quality, innovative practice and ways of working to best support the most vulnerable children in Scotland to reach their full potential.

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