Amazing Art

Some artworkPupil during art lessons.

Glitter, paint, ink, clay - these are a few of our favourite things at the East Park art room!

It's been said that "when confidence is high and anxiety is low, students take risks" and over the past months in art classes we've found this to be true. Art is all about risk-taking, trying out a new experience and then discovering that creating something yourself makes you feel good!

From watercolour butterflies and metallic fish to potato-print flowers and ceramic pots, creativity is spreading it's rainbow joy...

For our young people, art-making can be a unique way to promote self-expression, independence, flexible thinking, social interactions and a sense of well-being. Activities can help improve hand/eye coordination, fine motor and cognitive skills. Best of all though, art is fun!

Students look forward to art time and some have even been seen running in excitement to get to class then they don't want to leave when it's finished! The room is a calming space that provides relaxation, inspiration and sensory fulfilment, with structured sessions exploring different themes, art materials and processes. The work created by pupils is truly beautiful and it's not just the proud, slightly biased staff who know this - East Park students have been on a winning streak!

Well done to...

Ewan and Dylan who were runners up in the local MP's Christmas card design;

Amanda who won the CELSIS card design;

Emma who was a runner up in the John Byrne Drawing Competition with her drawing exhibited in Paisley museum;

Lewis who attended the award ceremony in the Princes Street gallery, Edinburgh to receive his 3rd prize in the RSA National Schools Art Award, where his winning print was exhibited.

And well done to all our young people who grow in confidence week by week, letting their colours shine out!