JoLoMo comes back to East Park 45 years on!

Artist John Lowrie Morrison aka JoLoMo Visits East ParkArtist John Lowrie Morrison aka JoLoMo Visits East ParkArtist John Lowrie Morrison aka JoLoMo Visits East Park

John Lowrie Morrison - JoLoMo

Well respected international artist John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo) took time away from his studio today to revisit the Glasgow organisation where he worked and painted while at art school in the very early 1970's.  While studying at Glasgow School of Art, Jolomo did art therapy with some of the children at East Park, an organisation for young people with additional support needs such as autism. While writing his final year thesis on art therapy, he worked with the children on art sessions as well as painting some of them.

Jolomo's East Park paintings were exhibited as part of his retrospective, Jolomo - A Passion for Colour, at Clydebank Art Gallery and Museum in 2013. East Park Executive Director, Judy Cromarty, saw the show and wanted to invite Jolomo to come back and see just how much East Park has changed over the decades.  "I loved seeing the paintings.  It was interesting from both a personal and East Park point of view - these paintings are so very different in style to his later landscapes.  It got me thinking how much East Park has changed as well - both physically and in our approach to caring for and educating children with such challenges as autism.  I thought Jolomo might be interested in our journey and wanted to share our wonderful new facilities - let him see how we work with children now."

JoLoMo 5

Jolomo and his wife had a tour of the school and residences and met some of the children who now live and are educated at East Park.  He also judged the 2017 Christmas Card Competition - a real honour for all involved.  After 45 years Jolomo clearly found some differences!  As he said "I have very fond memories of my time in East Park, and whilst the education and learning has evolved over the years, it remains such happy place for the children. I was very impressed by the creativity and use of colour in the Christmas cards designed by the children".

Staff and children alike were thrilled to host the visit and meet a well-known artist who had been involved with East Park almost five decades ago - someone with fond memories of the organisation.  Judy Cromarty said "Now we have made contact with Jolomo, we hope that he will stay in touch and follow our progress into the future.  The work he did with the children in the early 70's was wonderful and the paintings capture the children well.  He is welcome at any time!"

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