ThreeSixty Architecture - Rainbow Week Challenge 2015


Thank you SO much to ThreeSixty Architecture who chose to support East Park through their Rainbow Week Challenge 2015!

What was Rainbow Week?
Rainbow Week was a challenge to wear a specific colour for every day of the week to have fun and raise funds for East Park.

Colours are really important to the children and young people at East Park, whose regular use of colours can help them differentiate and recognise each day of the week.

During Rainbow Week, Threesixty Architecture and fellow friends in the industry joined us in our weekly journey through colour by wearing the following colours on each day:

15 June - Green Monday - watch the Green Monday video here.

16 June - Yellow Tuesday - watch the Yellow Tuesday video here.

17 June - Orange Wednesday - watch the Orange Wednesday video here.

18 June - Blue Thursday - watch the Blue Thursday video here.

19 June - Red Friday - watch the Red Friday video here.

20 June - Rainbow Saturday

You can check out highlights from Rainbow Week in this video.

The Rainbow Week Challenge has raised a phenomenal £3240.15!

A huge thank you to the following companies who signed up to join ThreeSixty Architecture's Rainbow Week Challenge:

  • Gardiner & Theobald
  • PMP
  • Woolgar Hunter
  • Atelier Ten
  • Morgan Sindall
  • ERZ
  • Calladus Design
  • BCF Technology
  • Gold Star Dance and Cheer