Volunteering at East Park

A collage of images from some of East Park's volunteers
Here at East Park we are lucky enough to have some wonderful volunteers. If you would like to look into volunteering opportuinities with us please contact fundraising@eastpark.org.uk for more information.
  • Litter Picking

    Giving Something Back

    Keeping Scotland Beautiful

  • Volunteers at our allotment

    Tesco Bank (Glasgow)

    Thank you so much to the Fraud Prevention Team from Tesco Bank Glasgow...

  • Volunteers from Santander painting in one of East Park's houses.

    Santander Brighten Up Our Day

    A massive thank you to the volunteers from Santander...

  • Zurich Volunteering


    A massive thank you to Zurich

  • Volunteers from Shell helping at East Park

    Super Shell!

    This July, we were very fortunate to have some volunteers from Shell Business Operations come into East Park...

  • Volunteers from the Finance Department at Vodaphone helping at East Park's allotment

    Vodaphone Volunteers

    Thank you so much to the volunteers from The Finance Department at Vodaphone for helping to maintain our Workmates allotment...

  • Tesco Glasgow staff at East Park

    Tesco Bank (Glasgow)

    A huge thank you to the 18 volunteers from Tesco Bank Glasgow...

  • Shell painters

    Putting Shell to work again!

    We would like to say a huge thank you to Shell for taking time out to come and help us with some much needed painting...

  • Tesco Bank Edinburgh

    Tesco Bank Edinburgh

    East Park is delighted to have been chosen by the colleagues of Tesco Bank Edinburgh to benefit from their community service days...

  • Team from Shell Business Service Centre

    Shell Business Service Centre

    East Park would like to thank the team from Shell Business Service Centre who switched their suits and computers in the Finance Office for overalls and paintbrushes...