Carol McGhee

Chair of East Park Board and Trustee

Carol McGhee was appointed to East Park Board in August 2018 and as Chair of East Park Board in December 2023.

Carol has had an extensive and varied career within the NHS since 1978, working as a clinician, specialist nurse advisor, counsellor, clinical manager, professional and quality lead, senior manager and mentor for newly appointed managers across NHS Lanarkshire, working with a range of partner agencies over this time.

She has a post graduate Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Glasgow University and has a passion for the enablement of optimising health and wellbeing, including education.  She is currently employed as the Corporate Risk Manager for NHS Lanarkshire and remains passionate about the NHS and care at the point of need.

Out with work, Carol loves to travel, jive and enjoys aqua aerobics in between spending time with her family, especially her 2 grand-daughters.