Give A Gift In Your Will

Supporting East Park with a gift in your will is one of the most precious gifts you can give.

The vision of our Founder, William Mitchell LLD, was itself the legacy of a remarkable man. Inspired, he formed ‘East Park’ in 1874, an organisation that would provide children and young people with vital residential nursing care, education, nourishment and fresh country air away from the smoky city, insanitary conditions and unfortunate family circumstances in which they lived. Whilst our work may have changed dramatically over the last 140 years, the need for your support is as great today as it was then.

Our supporters have left us legacies since East Park first began and these gifts fund some of our most vital work.  We understand that there is so much to consider when making up your will and we simply ask that once your friends and family are taken care of, you consider leaving a percentage of whatever is left over to support our work.

Writing a will can seem like a complex process and we always advise you that you speak with a Solicitor about it.  However, if you have any questions in relation to leaving East Park a gift in your will, please contact 0141 946 2050 or by e-mail at

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